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Ground Course


This course is 2 months long

Held Monday Through Friday 1300-1600 MST.

Cost $950.00

Plus additional fees and books


The student becomes the teacher in this exciting course designed to prepare the applicant for the FAA Fundamentals of Instructing (FOI) and Flight Instructor Airplane (FIA) knowledge exams and the oral examination during the check ride. Our Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Ground Course focus is geared toward a “teach and be taught” format.

When the written examinations are completed, the applicants spend many hours teaching each other all of the skills, maneuvers, and ground knowledge they will be expected to teach a new student pilot.  This is conducted using a guided discussion environment as a group. This helps potential instructors learn the skills of instruction in a protected, comfortable environment where peer feedback is essential to improve performance.

Our focus is to create a well-rounded flight instructor who understands all of the information they are teaching to students and can help to ensure knowledge understanding through various methods of instruction. Through helpful feedback and guided instruction as well as assistance creating a good lesson plan library, our CFI applicants do well and will help to build better pilots in the future!

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