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Ground Course


This course is one month long

Held Monday through Thursday 1300-1600 MST.

Cost $600.00

Plus additional fees and books


Now it is time to move up the aviation ladder and become a professional pilot. Taking the skills of the Private and Instrument rating and putting them to use for a company is the start of a wonderful career. End game possibilities for a commercial pilot could be Airlines, Corporate, Government, Aerial Fire Fighting, Tourism, Aerial Photography, Law Enforcement or even a Certified Flight Instructor. Nothing is better than doing something you love and getting paid for it.

Our Commercial Pilot Ground Course focuses on reviewing the skills learned in Private Pilot ground and adds an element of risk management associated with Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) and scenario-based training. These skills will be pivotal to doing well on oral and written examinations. The goal of this course is for our pilots to have all of the knowledge and skills needed to make good decisions, whether in a Single Pilot Resource Management (SRM) or Crew Resource Management (CRM) application. Time to get paid to play!

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