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Ground Course


This course is one month long

Held Monday through Thursday 0900-1200 MST.

Cost $600.00

Plus additional fees and books


The next step after learning to fly is learning how to do it without reference to the ground! Many pilots become aviators and long to fly up into and above the clouds. The Instrument Pilot Ground Course is designed to help the student pilot prepare for the check ride oral and FAA Instrument rating knowledge exam. Many exciting hours will be spent learning about advanced weather, aircraft systems, and instrumentation to assist in navigation in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC). As this course prepares you for flight rules related to instrument flying, it also prepares you for your journey toward being an unrestricted Commercial pilot.

The course introduces flying procedures to follow in the departure, enroute, arrival, and approach phases of flight and ensures proper techniques for various navigation systems and holding in the air, if needed. Once completed, the oral and written examinations will seem like a breeze and will complete the building blocks for good aviation techniques and safe flight!

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