FLT Academy’s partnership with SkyWest

FLT Academy & SkyWest have partnered to provide a clear path for pilots to launch their career.

FLT Academy’s program in partnership with SkyWest

The FLT Academy (Career-Track Program) program in partnership with SkyWest provides a direct path towards the airlines for exceptional pilots with a desire to take control of their aviation careers. FLT’s program also creates a unique opportunity for students to become a SkyWest pilot. With $17,500 available in tuition reimbursement, there has never been a better time to become a pilot. FLT Academy is dedicated to help students on their way to becoming one of SkyWest’s more than 4,300 professional pilots.

Program Highlights:

  • Start the Career-Track Program and apply to begin the SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program on day one
  • Attend enhanced SkyWest introductions
  • Enjoy SkyWest cadet benefits, including regular connection with a SkyWest mentor
  • Once a CFI, complete a review with SkyWest Airlines as time building continues
  • Guaranteed final employment interview for a First Officer position at SkyWest Airlines
  • Complete training with advanced seniority in ground school class

Together, FLT Academy’s partnership with SkyWest provides exclusive benefits to aspiring pilots:

  • 12- or 15-month Career-Track Programs available
  • Mentorship from SkyWest pilots, including regular visits, pilot-taught courses, and mock interviews
  • Unlike other Pilot Pathway Schools, you will be able to enroll in the SkyWest Cadet program on day one
  • 7,500 of tuition reimbursement is being offered by SkyWest after the completion of ATP, CTP, and IOE!
  • Talk to an enrollment specialist for information
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