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Financing for Flight Training

With FLT Academy

Fulfilling the dream of becoming a pilot is easier than you think; you no longer have to let the question of how to finance your education hold you back.

FLT Academy makes paying for your dreams easy, as we’re now offering some amazing terms on a variety of financing options.

Thanks to the option to apply financing to our flight school tuition costs, your dreams of flying aren’t as unattainable or expensive as you may have imagined. And remember, getting a pilot’s license should be an investment! The returns will manifest themselves throughout the rest of your life, whether you fly as a hobby or a career.

Why Finance Flight Training?

Have you been taking a few single classes here and there to work toward becoming a pilot? Instead of dragging out your training, get it done on a more timely schedule with the help of one of FLT Academy’s financing plans. Stop waiting to make your dream a reality and finance your schooling now. 

FLT Academy’s Financing Partners

Utah’s top-rated flight school is committed to getting you the best flight instruction at the best possible price. FLT Academy partners with the following to provide financing for training:

Still have questions? Refer to our FAQ page for answers regarding who’s eligible for financing, how long it takes to secure, how long you have to repay your loans, and more. You can also talk to an enrollment advisor to help you better understand the application process for financing your flight training.

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    DISCLAIMER: If you are not a US Citizen, Resident, or have an education visa FLT Academy is currently unable to provide you with flight training. Check back with us in the future.