Diamond DA40 Aircraft


FLT Academy offers instrument training experience in the Diamond DA40 aircraft. It offers 180 horsepower and can cruise at 140 knots. Since it can carry a 900lb load, the 50-gallon fuel tanks can be filled for training flights without going over the craft’s weight limit. This makes it an ideal choice for flight school as you can avoid frequent stops for refueling.

The Diamond DA40 also allows students to learn on some of the best instruments; relying on the instrument panel means students can navigate on even the cloudiest days.

Other Benefits

The Diamond DA40 aircraft seats four, which means students can invite guests to fly with them once they’ve met the minimum requirements to do so. The G1000 avionic system gives access to navigation information, airport data, and instrument procedures at the pilot’s fingertips, preparing students for their future in flying.

Technological Features Include

  • Dual Garmin G1000
  • GFC700 Autopilot
  • ADS-B Out
  • Dual Flight Controls

Diamond DA40 Specifications

  • 180hp Lycoming IO360M1A engine
  • Avgas 100LL fuel
  • Hartzell 2-blade propeller
  • 38-foot wingspan
  • 26.5 feet long
  • 6.5 feet tall
  • 2646lbs MTOW
  • 125 KIAS cruise speed
  • 52 KIAS stall speed
  • 910 ft/min climb rate
  • 8.2 gph fuel consumption
  • 900 lb useful load
  • 16,400 ft max operating altitude
  • 830 nm range
  • All-composite airframe
  • 142 kts TAS maximum speed