FLT Academy is enhancing its training capabilities with a new fleet order of Diamond DA20 aircraft. This acquisition will enable aspiring pilots to experience advanced training in a modern and efficient aircraft.


What will you be flying when you enroll with FLT Academy? We have a fleet of aircraft that feature some of the best technology, as well as multiple AATD flight simulators so you can train even when weather isn’t permitting. Ready for takeoff? Check out our training aircraft options.


Full glass touch screen avionics, and airframe parachute

The SportCruiser is often referred to as the “Game Changer” for flight schools. It’s a light-sport single-engine plane with a highly ergonomic and spacious cockpit. The canopy window opens up the skies to you as a pilot, while the full glass touch screen avionics allow you to control the craft with the touch of a finger.

Diamond DA40

G1000 ADS-B in and out

For some of the best instrument training experience, get into the cockpit of the Diamond DA40 at FLT Academy. Thanks to its large fuel capacity, you’ll make fewer stops while logging hours so that you can spend more time in the skies and less time on the ground.

Redbird FMX Simulator

Full motion, feature-rich Advanced Aviation Training Device.

No matter where you are in your flight school journey, the FMX Simulator can keep your skills sharp. Enroll with FLT today if you want to try our state-of-the-art flight simulator.

Cessna 172SP

Aspen Glass - Garmin 750

Cessnas are known for being incredibly well-balanced, making them easy for beginners to learn to maneuver. Larger Cessnas are also one of the most popular types of aircraft used in private flights, so if you’re on your way to being a private pilot, it’s good to be familiar with this craft.

Ready to start flying?

What are you waiting for? Take the controls of one of our aircraft for yourself under the guidance of one of our professional certified flight instructors (CFI). Schedule an introductory flight with us at Utah’s top-rated flight school and start your journey to the skies.

Career Track Program

Enroll in FLT Academy’s Career Track program to go from as little as zero flight hours to commercial pilot with your initial flight instructor certificate in as little as 12 months. Financing is available so you don’t have to wait to enroll; classes begin each month, and you can choose between an accelerated and non-accelerated course load.

SkyWest and FLT

FLT Academy and SkyWest have partnered to offer students a direct path to a career as a pilot. Perks include $17,500 available in tuition reimbursement, SkyWest introductions, SkyWest cadet benefits including a company seniority number from your first day of training, and a guaranteed final employment interview once a student meets airline eligibility requirements.


    Career Track ProgramRotor Transition ProgramIndividual Rating

    DISCLAIMER: If you are not a US Citizen, Resident, or have an education visa FLT Academy is currently unable to provide you with flight training. Check back with us in the future.