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Have you dreamt of becoming a pilot? Make it a reality! The private pilot certificate is a lifetime accomplishment which qualifies you to fly an airplane with or without passengers, day or night, in good weather. This certificate never expires, providing you complete a flight review every 24 months. You must be at least 17 years old and possess a current FAA medical certificate.

Flight Training Sequence:

  • Pre solo
  • Solo (an experience you’ll never forget)
  • Advanced maneuvers and cross-country flying
  • Solo cross-country flight
  • Instrument and night flying
  • 150 nm. cross-country flight
  • Review for the FAA written test
  • Review for the FAA checkride

50 Hours Flight Time

35 hours dual
10 hours solo
5 hours AATD (flight Simulator)

36 Hours of Classroom Instruction

Estimated time for ground/classroom instruction

Estimated Cost $17,500

Includes everything a new pilot with no prior experience will need to succeed. Time and cost may vary.

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