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Flight Training Programs

Study for your Private Pilot license, Instrument Rating, or Commercial Pilot Course in the Part 141 program with FLT Academy. Save up to 60 hours of flight and instruction time towards your commercial pilot certificate with this structured training designed for accelerated students. Benefits of the course also include preparation to continue to earn your Airline Transport Pilot license.

Ready to make your passion your career? FLT Academy’s Career Track programs can be completed in 12 to 15 months of accelerated training. This program is more structured training, similar to a collegiate syllabus, allowing you a fast track to future airline employment.

For those interested in Part 135 flight operations like cargo or charter flight, FLT Academy offers our Zero to 500 Hour program. If you have existing ratings, they can be applied to this program to reduce the cost of the training.

If you want to fly for pleasure, you can train and get licensed as a private pilot with FLT Academy. This course is comprised of flight time and classroom instruction. No prior experience is needed to enroll.

Get the training you need to broaden your skill set and fly in instrument conditions both in the sky and in our state-of-the-art flight simulator on the ground. A previously obtained Private Pilot Certificate is required to obtain your instrument rating.

Get paid to do what you love by earning a Commercial Pilot certificate through FLT Academy. With this certificate, you can work with commercial airlines, as a flight instructor, as a chartered pilot, or any number of other flight opportunities! Whatever you choose to do as a commercial pilot, you can get the training you need thanks to FLT Academy’s commercial pilot program.

Whether you aim to fly private or commercial, get your multi-engine rating from FLT Academy. This training requires about 10 hours of flight time so you can upgrade from single-engine aircraft limitations.

Do you want to share your love of flying with others? Get certified as a flight instructor at FLT Academy. You’ll learn how to teach perspective pilots something you’ve already mastered yourself.

Teach other pilots how to use their instruments to fly in conditions that require it. In this training from FLT Academy, you’ll learn how to teach technical subjects so other pilots can feel comfortable when they need to rely on their cockpit instruments to be their eyes and ears.

If you think two engines are better than one, share that with other pilots looking to advance to multi-engine flying. Learn the nuances of teaching flight maneuvers and procedures to student pilots by adding the multi-engine instructor rating to your Flight Instructor certificate.