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Broaden Your Flight Skills

with Instrument Rating


Are you tired of being restricted by VFR conditions? With instrument rating training from FLT Academy, you won’t be anymore.

The Purpose of Instrument Rating

After completing instrument rating with FLT Academy, you’ll be able to rely on an aircraft’s instruments to help you fly in IFR (low-to-no-visibility conditions). The instrument rating allows pilots to safely operate an aircraft when they may not be able to see outside of the aircraft.

pilot instrument panel

Requirements for Instrument Rating

To study for an instrument rating at FLT Academy, you must already have a private pilot certificate. In the FLT Academy instrument rating course, training will consist of:

  • Instrument scanning, interpretation, and airplane control training
  • Radio and GPS navigation
  • Holding patterns
  • Instrument approaches
  • Cross-country flying
  • Review for the FAA knowledge test
  • Review for the FAA check ride


42 Hours Flight Time (Part 141)

27 hours dual
15 hours AATD (flight Simulator)
Hours may vary based on experience*

36 Hours of Classroom Instruction

Estimated time for ground/classroom instruction

Estimated Cost $12,000

Time and cost will vary on a per-person basis, primarily dependent on eligibility for Part 141 training or Part 61 training.

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