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Instrument Rating

Broaden your skills


The instrument rating allows you to fly in instrument conditions (clouds) and increases the flexibility of the airplane as a source of transportation. Instead of flying by reference to the horizon, the airplane’s instruments are used to fly the airplane and navigate to the destination.

Flight Training Sequence:

  • Instrument scanning, interpretation, and airplane control
  • Radio and GPS navigation
  • Holding patterns
  • Instrument approaches
  • Cross-country flying
  • Review for the FAA written test
  • Review for the FAA checkride

95 Hours Flight Time

44 hours dual
45 hours solo
5 hours AATD (flight Simulator)
Hours may vary based on experience

36 Hours Classroom Instruction

Estimated time for ground/classroom instruction

Estimated Cost $21,000 – $26,500

Time & cost will vary per-person basis

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