A step above the rest.

More Than Just a Flight School

We understand better than anyone that a newly certificated pilot departs FLT Academy with much more than an aviation credential. If properly trained, a pilot leaves with a new set of valuable skills that will help them in their future career as well as guide them through other facets of their life. We take our responsibility seriously which is why we go above and beyond, investing additional time and resources for the benefit of our students and their futures.

Why Choose FLT Academy?

Aside from our growing fleet of over 50 parachute-equipped aircraft, efficient training, and safety culture, FLT Academy has grown from small school roots, maintaining a level of personal dedication to each and every student we instruct. As we have grown, our world-class flight training has continued to improve as we refine processes, implement new safety protocols, and update best practices. If you have goals to become a licensed pilot, there is truly no better place to learn to fly than FLT Academy. Contact us today at [email protected] today for a tour of any one of our flight locations.

Our Standard of Excellence

When it comes to training future pilots, we have the highest standards. At FLT Academy, all instruction is centered on seven vital pillars that work to the benefit of pilots and passengers alike. Those five pillars are as follows: 

  1. Safety
  2. Integrity
  3. Transparency
  4. Expertise
  5. Emergency Preparedness
  6. Leadership
  7. Professionalism

Through quality instruction, integrity, and dedication, along with the abundance of resources we have here at FLT Academy, we aim to instill these qualities into each and every student. Those who undergo our programs are ready to take to the skies as well-trained aviation professionals. 

Instructing the Next Generation of Aviation Experts

When you enroll at FLT Academy, you will team up with a qualified flight instructor who will guide you through the flight training process. Our job is to prepare you in every way for the path ahead, providing you the knowledge and experience you need to become a licensed professional. 

Our academy offers individual licenses and ratings as well as a number of comprehensive programs for those seeking a rewarding aviation career. Whether you are seeking to become a private pilot, commercial pilot, flight instructor, or secure a number of other ratings, our aviation professionals have the tools and expertise needed to help you reach your goals.

Need more information?

Reach out to us at [email protected]