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Why Choose FLT Academy?

Professional Instruction

FLT Academy is committed to getting you the best flight instruction, that is why we have partnered with SkyWest Airlines to bring you FLT (Flight-crew Lead Training).

Best Value

Value is the combination of price and quality. Fly with confidence that you are getting quality and professional flight instruction at a great competitive price with FLT Academy.

Extensive Offerings

FLT Academy offers a wide array of certifications. We have several different financing options, we have a solution for everyone to earn their wings.

Top Rated by You

With an average 4.9 out of 5 rating in over 1100 combined online reviews on Google, Facebook, Groupon, Living Social, and more – it’s no secret FLT Academy is well known for carrying an incredible reputation. We always strive for quality in all aspects. We don’t skimp on anything and your experience with is our top priority. Your flight training with us will no doubt, be a step above the rest.

Convenient & Efficient

FLT Academy’s main campus is located at the SkyPark airport, 10 minutes north of Salt Lake City. Brand new immaculate runway and lighting system. Only 6 minutes from our practice area – there is no tower control at Sky Park. That means no long waits on the ground, and no long taxis. Being close to Salt Lake, you practice with class B airspace nearly every flight. That way you won’t become complacent by not being in a controlled airport. We are also located at the Ogden and Provo airports with other locations opening soon!

Safety & Maintenance

Maintenance and safety is our #1 priority. We will not hesitate to take a plane down for maintenance even if it means canceling an important flight. Our planes are inspected every 50 and 100 hours by our in-house seasoned mechanics. Each plane gets thoroughly inspected twice a month. There is no expense spared in maintenance and safety of our planes. It makes all the difference.

A Step Above the Rest.

There are a lot of flight schools to choose from, whether you are hoping to turn your aviation training into a career, or you simply want to learn to fly your own aircraft. At FLT Academy, we invest in you. We are committed to getting you the best flight instruction. You’ll be able to fly with confidence that you are getting quality and professional flight instruction at a great competitive price. So, what’re you waiting for?

If you are interested in joining the legacy of FLT Academy, please talk with an enrollment specialist today by calling (801) 896-4470.

Ready to start flying?

Take the controls for yourself under the guidance of one of our professional certified flight instructors (CFI). Schedule an introductory flight with us and start your journey to the skies.

Still not sure?

Ask for more information to make sure everything is right for you!

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FLT Academy (Flight-Crew Lead Training) Elite Partnership with SkyWest Airlines

There’s never been a better time to become a pilot – Under FLT Academy’s new Flight-crew Lead Training program Take the Controls of Your Career and apply today.
1. Start Flight-crew Lead Training program and apply to begin the SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program
2. Attend enhanced SkyWest introduction
3. Enjoy SkyWest cadet benefits, including regular connection with a SkyWest mentor
4. Once a CFI, complete a review with SkyWest Airlines as training continues
5. Complete guaranteed final interview and receive employment offer
6. Complete training with top seniority in ground school class
7. Become a professional SkyWest Pilot

• 12-month program zero to CFI
• Training support from current SkyWest pilots
• Fly parachute-equipped aircraft for 90% of your training.
• Modern glass panel touch screen avionics in all our planes.