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Once you’ve earned a commercial pilot certificate, you can start receiving pay when flying in specific situations.

What You Can Do with a Commercial Pilot License

A commercial pilot certificate allows you to work for pay in a variety of capacities.

  • Flight Instructor
  • Banner tower
  • Aerial photography
  • Fly charter or commercial airlines

Your commercial pilot certificate never expires, as long as you complete one flight review every 24 months.

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Requirements for Earning a Commercial Pilot License

You must be at least 18 years old to begin flight training for a commercial pilot license and have at least a current 2nd Class FAA medical certificate to exercise the privileges of being a commercial pilot. During your training with FLT Academy, your flight training will consist of:

  • TAA (Technically Advanced Aircraft) time
  • Advanced ground reference maneuvers
  • Advanced takeoffs and landings
  • Advanced flight maneuvers
  • Extended cross-country flying
  • Review for the FAA knowledge test
  • Review for the FAA check ride


120 Hours Flight Time

55 hours dual flight training with an instructor
65 hours solo
Hours may vary based on experience

36 Hours of Classroom Instruction

Estimated time for ground/classroom instruction

Estimated Cost $26,000 – $30,000

Time and cost will vary on a per-person basis. Total flight time prior to beginning commercial pilot training will impact overall cost flight time needed.

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