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Multi-Engine Rating

Because two engines are better than one


Ready to upgrade your private or commercial pilot certificate? It’s time for a multi-engine rating.

What You Can Do With a Multi-Engine Rating

Continuing your flight training with FLT Academy allows you to add the multi-engine rating to your toolkit. It certifies a pilot to operate aircraft with more than one engien for both professional and recreational purposes. 

Multi-engine ratings must be renewed annually with a flight test performed by a Flight Examiner.


Requirements for Multi-Engine Rating

To be eligible for your multi-engine rating, you must have either a private or a commercial pilot license. The flight training sequence at FLT Academy for the multi-engine rating course is as follows:

  • Review and training on technical subjects
  • Review and training on  flight maneuvers and procedures
  • Review for the FAA check ride


25 Hours Flight Time

14 hours dual flight instruction with a flight instructor
2 hours AATD (Flight Simulator)

5 Hours of Ground Instruction

Estimated time for ground/classroom instruction

Estimated Cost $8,400

Time and cost will vary on a per-person basis.

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