Leave of Absence Request

    Policy: Students may seek authorization for a Leave of Absence (LOA) from FLT Academy to temporarily interrupt a course of study in case of emergency. An LOA allows for a student to suspend his/her enrollment for a brief period of time, rather than withdrawing from the program and re-enrolling. In the case of prolonged illness or accident, death in the family, or other special circumstances that make attendance impossible or impractical, an LOA may be granted, the student’s account inactivated, and an extension granted in the student’s respective course of training if requested in writing by the student.


    1. A student seeking an LOA must consult with their assigned Flight Instructor and complete this form located on the FLT Academy website. This form will then be automatically sent to Student Flight Coordinator and be copied into the student’s training record. The request must be completed fully, signed, and dated.

    2. Upon receiving the LOA request form, FLT Academy will determine if there is a reasonable expectation that the student will return and resume his/her training. FLT will grant or deny the request, and inform the student by email.

    3. An LOA cannot exceed 15 days without evidence of extenuating circumstances. Foreign National Students with TSA approval must seek consultation prior to requesting an LOA to ensure compliance with TSA regulations.

    4. The student must report to their Flight Instructor and the Student Flight Coordinator upon returning from an approved LOA on/or prior to the expected return date stated on the LOA form.

    5. If a student does not resume attendance at FLT Academy on/or before the end of an approved LOA, the student will be evaluated for possible Remedial Instruction Plan or removal from the program.

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    FLT Academy will not adjust your course graduation date if you choose to take voluntary leave of absence time during any course of training. Taking a voluntary leave of absence during the course of training may cause a delay in your training, potentially resulting in exceeding the maximum allowable amount of time in the program. By departing on a voluntary leave of absence, student acknowledges the potential of falling behind in the program and may be eligible for a Remedial Instruction Plan. If student falls behind to a point of no recovery from lost training time, he/she may be reviewed and have the potential of being removed from the program.