A Flight School That’s a Step Above the Rest.

There are a lot of flight schools to choose from, whether you are hoping to turn your aviation training into a career, or you simply want to learn to fly your own aircraft. At FLT Academy, we invest in you.

As the top-rated Utah flight school, we are committed to getting you the best flight instruction. You’ll be able to fly with confidence that you are getting quality and professional flight instruction at a great competitive price. So, what’re you waiting for?

If you are interested in joining the legacy of FLT Academy, please talk with an enrollment specialist today by calling (801) 896-4470.

Professional Instruction

FLT Academy is committed to getting you the best flight instruction. This results in many of our students getting commercial pilot licenses and moving into professional aviation careers in the part 135/121 arenas. FLT (Flight Crew Lead Training)

Extensive Offerings

FLT Academy offers a wide array of pilot certifications. We have a solution for everyone to earn their wings, from Recreational Pilot to Airline Transport Pilot (ATP).

Practical Value

Value is the combination of price, quality, and program customization. FLT’s extensive offerings and professional instruction create unparalleled value for our students.

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Modern Rotax Engines

It’s time to fly with modern Rotax engines, with more than 46 Million flight hours, these engines have proven themselves to be more reliable than any other engine in its class.


Full Aircraft Parachute Systems (BRS)

The BRS system has saved over 400 lives since its release. 100% of people who have pulled this parachute within the parameters (Above 500 AGL less than 100kts) have survived.

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Environmentally Friendly

Rotax engines have saved over 71 million pounds of CO2 from going into our atmosphere. This is due to low fuel consumption, and no longer burning 100LL fuel.

Ready to start flying?

Take the controls for yourself under the guidance of one of our professional certified flight instructors (CFI). Schedule an introductory flight with us and start your journey to the skies.


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    DISCLAIMER: If you are not a US Citizen, Resident, or have an education visa FLT Academy is currently unable to provide you with flight training. Check back with us in the future.